Question in chapter 12

First of all I am no expert and this question comes in all ignorance.
I am exploring chapter 12 and one of the pictographs means hunt or to cultivate land. Am I misunderstanding this reference [tián] to cultivating, as I think of it as the varied ways of farming, whether crop or animal. Is that off base?
Chapter 12

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  • In further review I realized I kind of glossed over the next character hunt, as an act of pursuing and not necessarily to hunt game. I presume the term is specifically about hunting game, not the pursuit necessarily?
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    Hi, welcome metis,

    The literal word for word of line 4 is: gallop to hunt (cultivate land) hunt command (order; make; cause) human (man; people) heart (mind; feeling; intention; core) issue (deliver) go crazy, 驰骋畋猎令人心发狂,(chí chĕng tián liè lìng rén xīn fā kuáng,)

    Currently I deliver this as: Rushed hunting make people‘s hearts go crazy.

    For me, it is not about "hunting" per se, but about the "rushed" quality of the action. Shopping downtown in a "rushed hunting" for the exciting new ___(whatever)___ "makes people's hearts go crazy". In essence, human affairs never change...just the surface names and places change giving the illusion of 'progress', so to speak.
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