Inspiration from Tao Te Ching

On Developing the Potential

By Peter Liu

The potential of human beings isn't developing completely, just like software or iphone, which the designers perfect its function and the users aren't familiar with its function even one tenth of it. There is an idea in my brain as following:make the best use of everything even the most common things. For example, you're a genius if your cellphone of 500 RMB could be used as cellphone of 5000 RMB does. Lao Zi (philosopher in the Spring and Autumn Period, founder of Taoism) said,"taste the tastelessness '味無味' (Tao Te Ching 63:1)", and I say,"use the useless". Haha, I'm only a talker not an operator.
The Text:
There are many theories in science of success and we called the authers as the master in success or the developer of the potential. I have read lots of book on science of success. One day, my friend asked me, "Have you read some books on science of success? " I answered,"Yes, I have. But I don't like this kind of books. You know, it always tell you that you must be successed and let us always expose to anxiety and fickleness. Science of success is not presenting the truth of success objectively when it's cater to consumers and not to provide reasonable and scientific guidance on consumers'activities as goods do. " The famous books on science of success are 《The greatest salesman in the world 》written by Og Mandino ,《The Secret》written by Rhonda Byrne and so on. 《The greatest salesman in the world 》has been around for a long time. It is said that many people have been become millionaires or multimillionaires even billionaires after read it. 《The Secret》occurred much later and was published in 2004. A lot of people
have benifited from it as well and a businessman whom I met up with in the train by chance recommend this book to me, who is still reading if he has a time and is inspired from it in fulfilling his dream. 《The greatest salesman in the world 》is consisted of ten scrolls and one story which improve the quality and grade of this book. Ten Scrolls are also sanctified by one story. The writing style in the book is amazing and little bit like《Holy Bible》and made me start to believe the existence of God. By contrast, 《The Secret》is more scientific and the core of it is law of universal gravitation. In other word, it make the best use of law of universal gravitation and is just like neo-confucianism ( in China, which make the best use of confucianism and is more practical not mainly limited on theoretical level.
In my opinion, I have no objection to two theories above and just tell us my feeling of finding something fresh and new and powerful. But this kind of passion is certainly not lasting and you're all at sea when passion gone with the wind. So, I argue that these theories can be quite misleading under certain circumstances and you're far away from what you want.
There are two key questions in the related area of methodology:
One is that enable you to accept any of theories is the end itself, not a means to an end. You won't succeed but suffering from it if you take these theories as a means to an end from start to finish, doubting constantly the validity of those theories. You will abandon them sooner or later. You will succeed if you take these theories as the end itself, your goal in life, a state of complete relaxation. Keep it and success will follow you automatically without you seek for it.In other word, why you won't succeed if you take these theories as a means to an end from start to finish? The answer is that you're in the position of utilitarian. Success is a state not means.Your future success is assured if you're selfless rather self-seeking and selfless devotion. It was too subtle and elusive to name and I will try my best to describe it. It's just like boiling water. It's so hard to make water boiling when you constantly check whether or not the water is on the boil. I'm not saying the water couldn't be on the boil in this way. What I be trying to say be, it wastes a tremendous amount of energy in this way. Similarly, you also will waste lots of energy by constantly checking the validity and effect of science of success. You will be the water which will never on the boil after doubt it and abandon it.
Two is that the theories and techniques to succeed must be abandoned at last. Otherwise we might fall the trap of them. As the old saying goes, The success or failure of the affair is all due to the very same person. (Chinese proverb: Success is due to Xiao He, downfall is also due to Xiao He '成也蕭何 敗也蕭何' ). Everyone and everything have their mission and they all must step down from the stage of history on their own initiative when they have finished their mission. Otherwise they might attracts all kinds of trouble and even be abandoned by God. So, the theories and techniques to succeed is the thing and havn't initiative and the users should grasp the sense of propriety by themselves. It's amazing and subtle and elusive. I am inspired by the old saying which goes "11.2, 9 2nd, Embrace the wilderness/ It is useful to cross the river without a boat/ avoid aloofness and neglect/ Alliances are impermanent/ Learn the value in balanced action '九二,包荒,用馮河,不遐遺,朋亡,得尚於中行'(11.2, 9 2nd, I Ching )". To be honest, it is an allegory that bottle gourd '包' ( which can be used as boat to ferry us to the other side ‘用馮河' should have been abandoned as you have crossed the river '不遐遺'. Otherwise It's a burden to you if you still carry it.
So, by the way, I will share my theory with you here, which has no maneuverability but a certain poetry to it, haha. Have you seen the movie《 A Chinese Odyssey Part Two - Cinderella 》? ( There is a scene in it: Joker will become the Monkey King for real ( to succeed ) once he meets an immortal who will give him three birthmarks on his feet. How could he get three birthmarks on his feet ? In unknow time, in unknow place, in unknow way.
I will regard it as the beginning point of the argumentation problem of everyone can have their own way to success. The first difficulty of science of success to dispose is the possibility of everyone to succeed. From present literature, there is quite little research work on it. I just to help you to get start in a literary style, a little bit like 《A dream in Red Mansions 》and《Outlaws of the marsh》. Please judge the reasonableness of it by youselves.
《 A dream in Red Mansions 》( begins in amusing, but sympathetic fashion: the goddess Nü-wa is repairing the sky with 36,501 stones. When she finishes, one remains, which is cast off. Having been touched by a goddess, this stone has magical properties, able to move, change size, and even talk. One day, a Buddhist monk and a Taoist come upon the stone, and promise to let the stone have an adventure - to become human. As the stone waits by a pond, it falls desperately in love with a Crimson Pearl Flower, which is also selected for incarnation by the Fairy Disenchantment. The stone and the flower are incarnated as the novel begins in earnest, as a young minor nobleman named Jia Bao-yu, and a commoner related to the family, a girl named Lin Dai-yu - both unaware of their heavenly origins.
《Outlaws of the marsh》( begins in amusing, but sympathetic fashion: Based on the Taoist concept that each person's destiny is tied to a Star of Destiny (宿星), the 108 Stars of Destiny are stars that represent 108 demonic overlords who have been banished by the Taoist sage, Shang Ti. Having repented since their banishment, the stars are released from their place of banishment by accident, and are reborn in the world as 108 heroes who band together for the cause of justice.
They all started in fairy tale. So is my theory. My theory begins in amusing, but sympathetic fashion as follow:
Why are the real winners so few that many of us can't break the bonds of Pareto principle ( , if everyone has the possibility of success. The answer is simple and full of poetic charm. The winners have accumulated rich experience in practice, which is commonplace and thrilling. How could the researchers of science of success know the answer ? Because the winners themselves are not even clear which experience do its work. The amusing results are come out, after many research studies have been carried out on this topic. They find the winners have characteristic of sincerity and industrious and innovation and so on. Then further refine it to add other details, like sincerity can be refined balabala. The researchers naturally make simple things so difficult.
Please beat the trap of research method. As the ancient chinese proverb puts it: "Man proposes and god disposes". Let us deepened the mystery. The winners need a few nodes. The quantity of node is not much, maybe two or three. The nodes could be time, place, or person. Talk simplely, let's not make a big drama out of it. In other words, you must come across a person or thing by a way in a place at a time. The process above requires two or three times. More details, for Joker, he accidentally encountered a beautiful immortal named Zixia, who confiscates Pandora's Box and puts three marks on his feet to mark him as her servant on the mountain in that day. Be realistic, for Zhang Liang ( ), he meet Huang Shigong ,who presented Zhang with a book titled The Art of War by Taigong (太公兵法) , after Zhang fetch him his shoe and put on it for him. More modern, maybe your wife is the one that will lead you to success, though you may not know it. It's the reason why exsits a phrase called "the better half". Maybe it's one of nodes that you're going to Lhasa (capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region). To be vividly, it's just like Goku in《DRAGON BALL》( the world in search of the seven mystical orbs known as the Dragon Balls, which can summon a wish-granting dragon when gathered. Dear reader, how many mystical orbs known as the Dragon Balls in your life have got ?

Thanks to Mr Yuan and Mr Xu. Here is the main part of this essay which is about maneuverability of developing the potential. Haha, there is too much bullshit above. Here are two theories or four concepts: left brain and right brain, subconscious and conscious. The former focus on specific concept and the latter focus on abstract concept. To recapitulate, my writing technique is to enlighten the readers spiritually by saying some affair toward all reader. In this essay, do not tell four concept


  • specifically and you can consult Google or Wikipedia if you have some questions about them.
    Right brain is the place where is animal instinct in, and so is human potential. Left brain is the place where is human thinking in, and so is human cognition. The difference between human beings and animal is thinking or cognition. More details, please consult my essay named 《On Conditional Response》( The theory expains easily the questons about why animal abilities is far stronger than human abilities, like power, speed, sense of smell and so on, for thinking or cognition is a double-edged sword.It restrains human potential in despite of high civilization and high-tech society which it bring us with. The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our fear unfolds. Have you heard the news that mother could catch a infant who falling down from a high building in emergency? Human potential is working in emergency when only right brain is working and left brain stops control of right brain. Have you seen the phenomenon that the skill of kids use mobile phone is much stronger than adult do? It's working by a simple trial and error process( You will not think of it too much and just do simple things repeatedly if your single aim was trouble shooting. You needless ask for why but simplely know how. Besides, cognition of kids is very undeveloped and cognition of right brain is learned not inborn. Have you seen the phenomenon that left-handedness is clever than right-handedness? It's more easy to expain for right brain controls left hand. In other way, to use the left hand can develop right brain ( the potential ). Is there a method for you to develop the potential by now?
    Well, let's discuss subconscious and conscious. Subconscious ( is the place where is human instinct ( the potential ) in. So are cognition and experience. In other words, subconscious is the place where are the innate human instinct and the unchangeable habits in.Conscious has the function of filtering and protection of information or irritant and the place where is changeable habits in. To be vividly, subconscious is hardware and conscious is memory or CPU which can call the data from hardware. Generally speaking, conscious of kids is thin and conscious of adults is thick, as the thickness of conscious will thicken when you grow older. Conscious is damage easily, for the irritant outside is so easy to penetrate conscious that make a deep impression immediately in the subconscious and leaving a permanent memory. It's the reason why kids are too inclined to be cheated and the sad past in childhood cannot be forgotten and have a great influence on their life. Of course, the thickness of conscious is so thin that wild nature or called originality in the subconscious would be revealed easily. So, the kids may be conceited, ill-mannered, presumptuous or fatuous. To the same man, at same age, the thickness of conscious is changing at all times. For example, the alertness of adults to relatives is lower than it to stranger. They would be easily accepted to the result of betrayals of stranger, nor is relatives. Since the thickness of conscious to relatives is thinner than it to stranger. Therefore, don't scare someone suddenly, for his conscious is the most thinnest at that time. Is there a method for you in this theory? Does it make sense?
    I wish my essay would be a little bit help to you. Finished in Shanghai, China, 0300 Sep 25th 2012.

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